Metabolic syndrome is a global health issue with a stunning prevalence of 25% and increasing. It is a combination of medical disorders ranging from dyslipidemia (raised triglycerides and reduced HDL cholesterol), hypertension, raised fasting plasma glucose, central obesity, to microalbuminuria. It increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and influences many people in every country.

Centaqua is a biotechnology company focusing on preventive medicine research to improve people's metabolic wellness. Our philosophy to improve metabolic wellness lies in the following three layers.

1) Solid scientific foundation. Science is the most important consideration for every product. Every product we introduced to our clients is supported by published scientific literatures. Continuous education to our clients will boost the awareness of the latest scientific progress, and allows more people to benefit from the latest scientific breakthrough earlier.

2) Natural healing. We prefer natural products in the preventive medicine practice to ensure long-term safety and metabolism balance.

3) One small step a day. In our design philosophy of each product, we tried our best to make the adopting process as easy as possible to minimize the impact on our client's regular routine. This approach allows our clients to establish a healthy habit smoothly.

The company is founded and headquartered in Chicago, with global distribution and production sites.

Together, let us make metabolic syndrome history.